Honestly, we get it – maintenance is really inconvenient. And of all maintenance requests plumbing is the worst! Not only is it a pain to work around facilities that are not operational, it also means that you have to take time out of your already busy schedule to have it serviced. Trust me, if anyone understands how much of an undertaking this is for you, it’s us.

In order to help you avoid the inconvenience of plumbing maintenance calls we have put together some helpful tips that you can do to help you avoid them all together.

 1. Things You Should Never Flush:

Having a broken toilet is hugely inconvenient – especially when there is only 1 toilet in the house. The majority of service calls we receive for toilets come from things being flushed that clog the drain and cause back ups. The best way you can avoid clogging toilets is to refrain from flushing these things:

    • Baby/Toddler/Personal Wipes  Even though many of them say they are flushable they really aren’t and are in fact the #1 reason we have toilet service calls.
    • Diapers – Diapers are just too large to go through the plumbing system so they must be thrown away.
    • Toys   Kids love to flush toys and why wouldn’t they – it’s an incredibly fun game! If you have small children in your home it may be wise to install a child safety lock on your toilet. Not only does it protect your children from serious injury it also keeps them from flushing small objects that cause clogs and back ups.
    • Feminine Products  – This is our #2 cause of toilet related work orders. 
    • Dental floss, Q-tips, Cotton balls, Paper towels. Even though they may seem flushable they aren’t and cause a lot of snags in drainage. It may not cause an immediate clog but it will over time.

After clogged toilets, clogged drains cause the most trouble for our residents. Most of the time clogged drains can be avoided with some minimal care and precaution.

2. Things You Shouldn’t Pour Down Sink Drains:

  • Cooking Grease When grease it hot it is a liquid, but when it cools it becomes a solid and will prevent proper drainage. It’s better to let cooking grease cool in the pan and wipe it into the trash than pour it down the drain. If you need to pour it off food to continue cooking we recommend pouring it into a paper cup or used can that can be disposed of later or into another container that can be wiped out after it is cool.  HERE is a really good (short) YouTube video on why we shouldn’t put grease down the drains.
  • Hair Shaving, washing hair, and just regular grooming often cause hair to be washed down the drains and cause clogs. We recommend regular cleaning of drains with a tool like THIS to prevent inconvenient clogs. This is something we use at home regularly to prevent having to call a plumber.
  • Food  When doing dishes using an inexpensive drain guard like THIS can prevent food from clogging the drains. Simply empty it into the trash when food gets caught in it.

3. A Note About Plumbing Chemicals

While draino and similar chemicals are often thought of as ‘liquid plumbers’ we prefer you wouldn’t use those, but call us instead. Many times these products are too corrosive and cause more damage than they help, often turning a simple problem a much bigger one that can wind up being hugely inconvenient for you. Similarly please don’t try to free a clog by sticking anything into the pipes. Depending on how old the plumbing is you could pierce the pipe and cause extensive damage to the plumbing system that could take days or weeks to fix. If you experience a clog please reach out to us for help – that’s what we are here for! Call our Maintenance Hotline or enter a work order in your tenant portal.

We hope that these tips can help you avoid unnecessary plumbing work orders and make your home life much more enjoyable.

It’s our pleasure to serve you every day!

Your Kempa Management Team



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