Sometimes despite all of our best efforts it becomes necessary to enlist legal assistance to get a tenant to comply with payment or to vacate the property.

This topic is often one that causes a lot of anxiety for our clients so we created a flow chart and video to describe the process in detail so that you can know what to expect ahead of time.

We at Kempa and Associates are not attorneys and we do not practice law, so it is necessary for us to engage legal advice from licensed attorney’s. However, we do have good working relationship with one of the largest Chicago law firms who handles most of our legal cases. This relationship helps streamline communication and processing of paperwork so we can move quickly and prevents our clients from having to provide retainers for legal aide.

This Flow Chart outlines the entire process start to finish, but depending on how a tenant chooses to respond can determine how long the process will actually take.

In this video I describe what we do and when we would hand off to the attorney.

I hope you found this information helpful. Next month I’ll continue this conversation and talk about post-judgment collections pros and cons.