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Why Choose Kempa Realty to Market Your Home for Sale?

No Cost Real Estate Evaluation

Kempa Realty offers a free customized report of the sales activity in your neighborhood. Just follow this link and we will send you a current analysis of the sales trends in the Chicagoland market including detailed comparable homes in your area.

How Do I Price My Home?

Price is one of the most significant factors potential buyers consider when considering purchasing a property. Sellers don’t want their home to be either under-priced or over-priced – but how do you know what is appropriate? How can you tell what the market will respond to? Our experience and local knowledge of the Chicagoland Real Estate market will help you determine the optimum price to list your property. If selling your property is not an option due to the market, then we also offer a wide range of Leasing and Property Management Services . We also:

Prepare and review an up-to-date Comparable Market Analysis to help determine a pricing strategy for your property   

Discuss the option of inspecting, staging or upgrading your property prior to marketing and review the impact they have on pricing 

Provide you with a Seller’s Net Sheet that projects the approximate costs of sale

Outline various options and make recommendations based on market conditions and your personal situation

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